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I'm Jessica - A vibrant Aussie who froths on sharing what sets my heart on fire and creating a thriving life. I love a good old, over the back fence, chinwag with everyday people and sharing a meaningful slice of the human experience. 

Basically, I follow the charm, love a belly laugh. and crave the outdoors - vast open landscapes light up my heart like nothing else.  I create, write and teach in my days.  I'm always looking for something new to to try - recently I even took up pole dancing. 

My passion is to help women love themselves and THRIVE!


To explore the power of embodying love of self and how intentional inner exploration alchemises your pain into growth - to create a thriving life?

If the answer is YES, you're in the right place. 

ARISE & Shine Morning Guidebook is the first of a series of practical tool kits designed to cultivate a compassionate connection of ritual, evolution, courage and devotion to your inner realms. Through curiosity and creation, I guide you to connect with your emotional landscape, cultivate body awareness and build a playful relationship with your intuition. 

ARISE & SHINE Meditation

My oh my, this free guided meditation will help kick start your day better than a strong coffee. Mornings may not be your fave cuppa tea (chai please). But I guarantee that will change when you take just 10-mins each morning to feel clarity, intention, and connection to that beautiful body of yours.  

Give it a try! Download this free 10-minute morning meditation.


Arise & Shine

You want shit to change?
Here is a hot tip - Stop searching for love within others and lift the foundations of love within yourself.

ARISE & Shine morning guidebook is a practical toolkit of techniques, tips and tricks to set the right tone each day and cultivate self-awareness, emotional resilience, internal recognition and deep self-compassion.

If you want the strength, stability and know-how to THRIVE in life, this tool kit is for you.


We are a community based on the effective and safe use of doTERRA Essential Oils.

Get access to tips, tricks and education about the practical and emotional use of essential oils and natural living.

Essential oils are a great tool to integrate into your home as a means of thriving. Join our community of seasoned users and curious minds alike


If you're anything like me and you like-your-products, like-your-people 'NON-TOXIC'; then you'll love my eco salon with an organic product refill station. I have spent years curating the most sustainable and ethical approach to hair care.

I enable women to make better choices for hair-care free from nasties and better for the environment. If you're in the Southern Downs and Granite Belt area, book an appointment to visit me in the salon.

Not to brag, but I've been known to give an unreal scalp massage.

"Thank you for everything you have shared and for holding this space with us and for us Jess! 
Such an empowering and inspiring young woman! I have loved every day's insights! " 
- Hayley Walker


I see the world with a childlike curiosity, to learn, grow and understand. I enjoy observing the human condition and the world around me, asking questions is a fave past time, and I love storytelling and writing A LOT.

I share my knowledge and experience to teach women to THRIVE in life through my musings on Lifestyle, Empowerment and Connection. Some will land here on my blog for you to read, some on socials like Insta @_jessicacarey and if you've entrusted me with your email, some special ones will land there. Oh and some are for me, myself and my heart.

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