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ARISE is an online community for you to cultivate a compassionate connection of ritual, evolution of courage and devotion to your inner realms. Through curiosity and creation, I guide you to connect with your emotional landscape, cultivate body awareness and build a playful relationship with your intuition. We explore the power of embodying the love of self and how intentional inner exploration alchemises your outer world create a thriving life.
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Your permission slip to come home to your heart. This 28-day program provides a space to embark on a self-discovery of what it truly means to honor yourself. It’s not just all bubble baths and face masks. Want to be radically aligned with your own sovereignty, click below to learn more.


I guide women in rural areas to have time and financial freedom. Create a practical toolkit for physical, emotional and mental support. Reduce toxic load in the home, natural beauty and a devotion to self care. The ANCHOR Collective is a community where we teach empowered, educational and effective use of LIVING with essential oils. 


Green Chemistry Salon

Was birthed from my learnings in the hair industry that I know needs a radical, rebellious wake-up call in the way we witness, celebrate, define and see beauty. It is an art form that has lost its wisdom, nurturing and connection to the earth. If this sings to your heart click below to learn more.

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"Thank you for everything you have shared and for holding this space with us and for us Jess! 
Such an empowering and inspiring young woman! I have loved every day's insights! " 
- Hayley Walker

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